Pune to Shirdi cab service in 2019

pune to shirdi cab

Shirdi is a place for devotees where people come here for pilgrimage. It is a place which is situated about 300 kilometers away from Mumbai. There are many cab services that provide excellent deals to the travelers on Shirdi Pune taxi services. They can book cabs or taxi in whole Pune and Shirdi including Pune airports. The journey from Pune and Shirdi has been now simplified with the help of cab services. They sometimes offer great discounts to their customers on booking of taxi from Pune to Shirdi. It is very beneficial to book a cab when there is a plan to travel from Pune to Shirdi with family. They can take the golden opportunity and can book the taxi or cab and can avail a huge discount in the form of a family package. This helps them to have a memorable trip with their experienced and customer friendly drivers.

The journey from Pune and Shirdi has been now simplified with the help of cab services. They sometimes offer great discounts to their customers on booking of taxi from Pune to Shirdi. It is very beneficial to book a cab when there is a plan to travel from Pune to Shirdi with family. They can take the golden opportunity and can book the taxi or cab and can avail a huge discount in the form of a family package. This helps them to have a memorable trip with their experienced and customer friendly drivers.

People can use different modes of transport to travel from Pune to Shirdi. They can travel by bus, train, and personal taxi, flight to can take help from a shared cab or carpool. India’s railway network is one of the largest networks in the world. But it is overburdened by the heavy population of the country. The fast-growing economy of the country also causes a problem for the railway network sometimes. Railways can be a good option to travel from Pune to Shirdi in case the traveler has lots of patience and is ready to experience something new. Railways nowadays are facing tough competition from road transport in many ways. There can be another option to travel that is by bus. There are many bus services that are being provided to travelers to travel from Pune to Shirdi. But it also suffers from India’s huge traffic, roads, climatic conditions etc.

Hence, on comparing all modes of transport, it can be concluded that traveling from Pune to Shirdi by cab is the most convenient option. This includes taking a cab from outstation cab rental. It is the most comfortable and speediest option to travel short distances of approximately 150 km to 300 km. however if an individual is thinking of going on a one-way journey it is better for him to take a chauffeur driven one-way cab. They can also go for a shared cab if there is any issue related to the budget of the person. Also, the cab can be hired if the person is looking for a dedicated mode of transport. If the traveler wants a low budget option, the shared cab can be cheaper than going to Shirdi from Pune by bus or train.

Group of 3 to 4 travelers can go for shared car option that provides door to door service in a most comfortable and cheaper manner than any AC Bus or AC train. To get the cheapest cab rates from Pune to Shirdi, the traveler must book the cab in advance for at least 10 days before the day. This helps them to find the best taxi that is most comfortable and best in cost. It can choose the best cab for his travel plans from the list available to him.

There are many places that a person can visit in Shirdi or that he can enjoy on the way from Pune to Shirdi. Taking advantage of these places is not possible when a person travels from bus or train or by flight. This service can be enjoyed only with the help of own vehicle or a taxi or cab service. Hence, there are a lot of interesting places that attract most of the people towards them. These places include city shopping Shirdi, Gurusthan Shirdi, Shri Sai Baba Sansthan temple Shirdi, Samadhi Mandir Shirdi, wet n joy water park Shirdi, Abdul Baba cottage Shirdi, Dixit Wada museum Shirdi and many more.

Distance and time for travel between Pune and Shirdi

It is approximately 190 km distance between Pune and Shirdi and it takes approximately 3 to 4 hours to travel by cab. It can be delayed by half to one hour due to traffic or bad weather conditions. The people can also reside at a residential apartment while traveling from Pune to Shirdi to take rest and enjoy the good climate if any. 

Services offered by Pune to Shirdi cab services

  • Group and individuals tours to customers from Pune to Shirdi
  • Travel and tour to customers in the form of a variety of packages
  • Handling of cultural, business travel and delegations responsibilities
  • Meetings and assistance on arrival and departure of the customers and their families or guests if any
  • Providing business or economy services in tours
  • Door to doorstep services
  • Super, secure, peaceful and reliable services
  • All India permit to their trips and tours
  • 24 x 7 hours support to customers from the customer support team
  • Online and offline booking facilities
  • Large range and varieties of cars
  • Accepted payment online or in the form of cash, debit cards, credit cards or ATM cards
  • Powerful security offers
  • Experienced drivers

Pune to Shirdi cab rental prices and options

It is the best option to travel from Pune to Shirdi by cab as it costs very low as compared to other modes of transport. It costs approximately Rs. 1500 to Rs. 2000 for a one-way cab, It also costs low to rent a chauffeur driven cab than having to pay for a round trip and much more convenient and comfortable if the traveler has a dedicated cab with driver driving. Expected prices of a cab with different types of vehicles, models, passenger capacity, luggage capacity, the rate per kilometer varies by services

Best cab service from Pune to Shirdi

There are many cab service stations that allow the passengers to book a cab through online or offline mode. It depends on the traveler what are its requirements and needs. Most travelers demand comfort, quality service at affordable and reasonable prices. It must be kept in mind while choosing the cheapest or lowest price option that the cab services can cut corners in service and there can be a risk of some hidden charges. They can make the traveler pay for some extra charges during traveling from Pune to Shirdi.

There are many things that must be checked by travelers before booking for a cab.

  • Travelers must look for reliable intercity cab providers.
  • At least 3 to 5 cab operators, compare their prices and must choose the one with best price option and reputation.
  • Find out those cab providers which promises good service and honor time commitments.
  • They must check the condition of the car, comfort zone, commercially licensed with all required permits before booking any cab.
  • They must satisfy themselves with the driver as well. The driver of the cab must be well-behaved, experienced and knowledgeable.

The travelers must find the cabs with best prices, best services, well maintained and commercially licensed vehicles and courteous drivers as provided by LonavalaCab.com

Facilities provided by Pune to Shirdi taxi services

There are many cab services for Pune to Shirdi that provide best services at best rates and have all packages for families to visit Shirdi via Shani Shignapur and Maha Ganpati Temple. The Pune to Shirdi taxi provide Pune to Shirdi cab and provide affordable Pune to Shirdi drop services as well. There are many other facilities that are being provided by cab stations.

Airport deliveries

They provide better pick and drop services from the airport to the place of the traveler, the same service from the place of the traveler to the airport. This service between Pune to Mumbai, Pune airport to Shirdi, Shirdi to Pune airport. They also provide this service for Shirdi sai baba mandir, Mumbai, Pune, Nashik and Aurangabad.

Corporate services

They also provide their cab services to commercial and corporate sectors customers with best and satisfactory taxi and car rental services.

Tour services

They also provide their cab rental services to all tourist places and all the temples around Pune and offers Pune to Shirdi packages, Shirdi to Pune cab packages, and Pune to Shirdi drop and pick services along with Pune to Shirdi taxi booking.

Pune Darshan

They provide their cab services for Pune city as well. It includes all around places of the Pune city in all kinds of the cab provided by them which includes Indica, Innova, swift, Etios, Indigo etc. This service is best for those who give importance to their comfort zone as these cab services understand the needs of the customers and provide well-organized help to them so that they can reach their desired destination in a more comfortable manner without any wastage of time. These cabs provide unique cab services in Pune and provide best experience pleasure in traveling.

They help the customers with superior and technically mapping devices so that the customers can be reached to their planned location without any confusion or delay. This equipment helps the customers and drivers in direction finding process. They provide diverse drivers that have the experience to provide the services to the travelers to reach the required ends. They provide their services professionally and help the customers to relax and reach their destination on time.

The drivers of Pune to Shirdi taxi enormous experience to handle the customers in the most appropriate way. Driver communicate with customers very calmly and hence bring the best services for them. They work on the vision that timeliness of service provided is the pleasure gained by the customers to any destination point. They have numerous drivers who show numerous features such as skills, politeness, equality in providing services and many more. The performances of the drivers are remotely examined by the service stations. They make regular communications with the drivers and ensure that the drivers must have the best knowledge about various routes of the Pune.

The cabs are tested regularly to assure its technical condition before being considered for any service to the customer. They provide continuous service to customers and try to maintain the merits of surety and pleasantness of the service. They gain the trust of travelers by providing devoted and satisfactory services to their customers.

One way cab services

Pune to Shirdi cab provide one-way cab rental also, which includes pick up from anywhere in Pune and drop off to Shirdi city. The pickup can be from airport, railway station and any other place. They provide instant confirmation and flexibility to book the cab from anywhere any time as they provide this online service 24 × 7 hours. This option is best for those travelers who like to travel from Pune to Shirdi one way only.

This service provides them with the facility of picking them from Pune and dropping off to Shirdi or picking from Shirdi and dropping off to Pune. It will not be a shared cab. It will be a fully dedicated cab for the customer. Pune to Shirdi one way car rental packages are designed in such a way so that they provide with best pricing strategy. It provides more benefits to customers by making them pay from one way drop off charges only. There can be many benefits that the customer can enjoy by availing one-way cab rental services. 

Benefits of using Pune to Shirdi cab services

Cab service can help the customers in providing personal care to them and if it is not possible to travel a place with own vehicle. There are many benefits of hiring a Pune to Shirdi cab service.

Round the clock service

The service is usually provided 24 x 7 hours by the company. The customers can contact and use them any time according to their suitability whether it is day or night. The only requirement is providing them with the location details and contacts them. They will make the booking and will be there for you at the right time on the booked date.

Professional drivers

The Pune to Shirdi cabs is available with professional drivers for the customers. Most of the companies employ the drivers that are not professionally experienced so the customers must choose only those cab services who have professionally experienced drivers. They must be familiar with all the traffic pattern and routes of Pune to Shirdi. Thus hiring a cab can be very helpful for the customers in saving their time, money and to learn new routes and roads to reach their destination in a peaceful manner. The drivers are professionally trained and are comfortable with multiple languages which include English, Hindi, and Marathi etc.


The Pune to Shirdi cab services provides with modern and well maintained A/C and Non-A/C premium cabs. They provide vehicles on a contractual basis. They provide their cabs on a monthly basis on the long term contract basis. Their vehicles include Tata Indica, Tata Indigo, Tavera, Swift Dzire, tempo traveler which includes 13 seaters, 17 seaters and many more. Also, there are more than 20 running vehicles for their customers and their companies and tourists that are able to provide efficient services to the customers. They provide only new modes of cars in perfect technical condition to the drivers so that there must be no adjustment in the service quality. All vehicles have the full motor hull and diagnosed and hence they always select the best cars from the available options. 

Cheap and affordable

Cab service is always regarded as the most economical and affordable means of transportation. It provides lots of comforts and eases to its customers. The Pune to Shirdi cab services is quite flexible in comparison to public transport. They can provide the advantage of traveling to any place as the customer wants to travel and at any time. This service is not like bus or train that does not stop at frequent stops to pick or drop any passenger.

Several options

The traveler can get various options for the cars from which he has to choose as he like. Hence, the Pune to Shirdi cab service provides the customers with standard passengers’ cabs to luxurious ones. Limousine is one such example of a luxurious cab. The passengers have no restrictions related to the booking of the car. They can book any cab on the basis of the budget and their needs.

Saves time

The hiring of a cab from Pune to Shirdi helps the passengers to save energy and time. This is because they do not have to worry about the transportation option. They will get the taxi on the doorstep on the booked date and time after making the contract with the company. Also, if they go for public transport they have to walk to the desired place and even wait for the train or bus to arrive. It will also result in wastage of time by spending some time at different places to drop and pick the passengers.

Better experience

Cabs from Pune to Shirdi help the customer to meet their desires and make them reach their destination in a peaceful manner. If a customer is looking for a mode of transportation to experience pleasure while riding then he can go for cab facility. They use best and technically supported devices to help the customers so that they can reach the location at the correct time. They provide this facility with the help of professional drivers and provide the best services so that the passengers can enjoy and relax during their journey. Their staffs have a good knowledge of all the locations around the Pune city. Cab service always take care so that their customers can reach their destination on time. They also provide pick and drop facility from Pine airport. They also have high experience in handling the customers and believe in calm communication with customers.

Other services

Pune to Shirdi cab services makes sure that their cabs remain in good condition so that they can serve their customers with the best services. Always try their best to provide safe and satisfactory services. Many rental outstations that include Pune airport to Shirdi cabs, Pune to Shirdi cabs, Mahabaleshwar, Nashik, Trimbakeshwar, Lonavala, Lavasa, Satara, Kolhapur, Ashtavinyak, Mumbai Cabs etc.

They also provide Pune to Shirdi cab, Pune airport to Shirdi cab, Pune to Shirdi taxi services in affordable rate, Pune to Shirdi drop, Pune to Shirdi car hire, Pune to Shirdi cab packages, Pune to Shirdi car rental, Pune to Shirdi via Shani Shignapur and maha Ganpati temple,Shirdi to ShaniShignapur cab, Shirdi to Shani Shignapur taxi services and many more. They always provide 1 day return Shirdi drop along with 2 days Shirdi packages. Two days Pune to Shirdi cab and taxi services are also offered by them at affordable and reasonable rates.

Most people never bother or check out whether cabs from Pune to Shirdi would be a good option or not but it is almost in every case that they would find it the best option to travel from Pune to Shirdi by cab. They will get the benefit of picking them from their hotels or anywhere else directly by the cab just from a call. One of the biggest reasons to use cabs is that they will get a lot of conveniences that will not be offered by any other mode of transportation.

They do not have to care about the driving speed limit, watching others or anything else. This will help them to just relax and enjoy the journey. They just have to trust their professional driver and let him work for them. After reaching their destination they do not have to worry about the parking area. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to find out the parking location especially during any festival or season or when they visit any crowded place. Sometimes they have to park her vehicle at far away place from their destination due to high volume rush. One more advantage that they get from hiring a cab from Pune to Shirdi is that they do not have to pay any parking fee at any place on the way from Pune to Shirdi.

This service will let the customer make his journey shorter and hassle-free and by letting him in front of the destination making him work faster and quickly without any kind of tiredness.


The Pune to Shirdi cab service always focus on being compatible with customer requirements and trip needs so that they can become a true customer performer in the tourism sector. In order to make the trip of the customers unforgettable and memorable, they try to give them certain offers and plans to make them happy with their services. New periodical offers are available on their websites which customers can avail by keeping a check on their official websites. One can enjoy those offers as soon as they launch them on their websites.

After taking any of those offers they can get insured that they are now going to enjoy the trip at very efficient prices. They can also get the service through extremely submissive and professional drivers and very high service level providers. Clients are generally offered with choices of the one-way drop, cab packages for one day etc. Sometimes they also offer cab packages for multi-day purposes from Pune to Shirdi. Even these cab services offer chauffeurs driven cab that can wait at the airport for the travelers if their flight got delay due to any reason. 


Pune to Shirdi cabs ensures that they must provide excellent services to their customers. They provide the cab facility on per kilometer rate, half day rate, full data rate and many other offers. They provide free fuel to travel all across the Pune and Shirdi and visit interesting and famous places without any issue of budget. Travelers feel free and better comfort with cab services providing great offers and packages. The main motive behind their services is to make the customer feel happy and enjoy their trip to the fullest.

They provide all time services to support customer grievances. Their customer support services are 24 × 7 hours available to deal with the issues of their customers. Service provider respond in a very quick and effective manner, they make sure that their relations with the customers must be better with them. Tries to make a good reputation among their customers and the tourism sector. They offer their services to customers at lowest prices along with pick up drop facility from anywhere in Pune to Shirdi.

They are offering luxury cars from Pune to Shirdi and Shirdi to Pune. If someone is searching for renting a car service, then they can search for various options online and book professional services from official web sites. They can get safest, popular and reliable taxi services and cab services from Pune to Shirdi and Shirdi to Pune.

They do not charge any extra fair charges for extra kilometers. Over 1, 20,000 customers trust for travel by cabs and taxis. Sometimes there changes occurs in the plans of the customers and that is why they understand the conditions of the customers. They know that plans can be changed anytime. Hence, they do not charge any kind of cancellation charges, except any exceptional cases. They offer all-inclusive fare, which includes toll-tax, interstate permit tax and many other taxes. Pune to Shirdi cab services track the real-time cab services that help them to save their time and hence ensure that customers do not have to wait extra at pick up location.

Allow only limited passengers per cab. Everyone ensures safety and comfort and the limited number of passengers such as 3 passengers for the sedan model. They offer an online booking facility to ensure safety and convenience to the customers. They respect customers’ privacy and recognize the need to protect the personally identifiable information that they share with them. The information can include name, address, telephone number and any other information.

They have implemented technology and security features and strict policy guidelines to safeguard the privacy of the personally identifiable information from unauthorized access and improper use of disclosure. They will ensure to enhance their security procedures as new technology becomes available to them. If any new policy or changes come in their plans they make it visible on their websites and customers who have subscribed their sites will get notifications via email or text message.

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