13 Reasons why you should always travel to Shirdi with LonavalaCab

Pune to Shirdi

Can he really travel Pune to Shirdi ….? A girl whispered

“No way!” He is too young to travel.

They all laughed, but when I told them about my travelling experience of Pune to Shirdi!

My friend has just traveled Pune to Shirdi and came back telling his experience. All the people in the room was so excited to hear about his journey with family.

I decided this would be the moment for me to explore my talents. To the amazement, I picked up a glass of a watermelon juice and waiting for the right moment to have a conversation with my friends.

I decided to make the most of the situation. With dignity filled inside, and I took a sip of watermelon juice and started telling about my journey with confidence.

When I started to say something, But I heard “He does not know how to travel” They all laughed. He has not traveled from “Point A to Point B” alone in his entire life. But just listen to him this might be exciting.

While I was taking a sip of my watermelon juice. “Do you really think he travelled?” A voice from one of my friends.

“I don’t know, but this is going to be interesting”. Came back the answer with laughter.

Then I started to Say about my journey………..

Instantly there was a complete silence in the room. The laughter died on their lips. I started describing about my journey, my friends were breathless….- spell bounded!

As I was talking to them, I forgot everyone around me. I forgot the environment, the watermelon juice in my hand and there was a complete silence in the room.

Only my experience about my journey was real. Only my journey and vision seemed to bring me. Visions as beautiful as the stars are shining at night. Clear view of moon and wind moving across with clouds drifting.

It was a complete triumph!

As I ended telling them about my experience, my friends resounded with a roar of applause. Everyone shook my hand – Congratulated me – Pounded me on my back. Everybody was exclaiming with delight – Saying only one question…….” Hey! How did you to travel alone”…………….. How long have you been travelling —— “Which tours and travels are you going with”.

“Well I have never travelled alone”, I replied.” And just a short while ago I could not even dream to travel alone so freely”.

I have been travelling only for a short while. I decided to keep a secret so that I could surprise you all.

Then I told them the whole story

Have you Ever Heard of “LonavalaCab”?

A few of my friends nodded.” Yaa that’s the cab service which provides tour packages in the Lonavala”.

Exactly….. I replied. They have started Pune to Shirdi cab services.

Travelling to pilgrimage destinations can painful if there is a problem in travelling and no proper guidance.

Shirdi is one of the biggest devotional places where people from all over India travels to Shirdi for blessings (Darshan) and fulfil their wishes.

Why travelling with LonavalaCab will be safe and hassle-free travelling.

  • We keep and ensure that your luggage are Safe.

  • Door to door, round trip (back and forth) available.

  • Booking available confirmation at minimum cost.

  • Book your own car according to your needs.

  • We ensure the travel safety and security patterns.

  • All drivers are trained on 17 parameters. (Security, safety, customer interaction, knowledge etc…)

  • Every time the car will be clean and hygienic.

  • Customized travel routes according to your wish.

  • We charge very less for the extra waiting time.

  • Booking done in 3 easy steps

  • Confirmation will be received, and one coordinator will be assigned during your trip.

  • Range of cars from 4 seaters to 8 Seaters available.

Journey from Pune to Shirdi will be approx. 3 -4.5 Hours, you will have a safe and secure ride with complete devotion to “Sai Baba”.

If you wish to travel by LonavalaCab, then your journey will be most joyful and blessing of SAI BABA will be the additional advantage to your journey.

  • 24*7 Hours of assistance provided.
  • In case of cab failure, we ensure that the cab available to you will be in maximum 2 hours.
  • All drivers are strictly adhered to follow traffic rules and speed limits.

When I called them to book my Journey….. It is as easy as A, B, C!

And travelling just got easier and easier.

Now even you can travel…. with NO Tension…

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