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Shirdi is one of the most important pilgrim centers in India. Baba’s devotees around the world have felt an experience of his divine grace and blessings in needed ways. In many instances, it is though, who Baba manifest his unseen power in one for more the other to render timely help. Strange and miraculous happenings convince us about Baba as an ever present spiritual power always by his devotees. Many devotees blessings believes that the energy of Baba is present here, which one can communicate. One’s appeal gets an immediate response. The earnest prayer to Shirdi sai Baba especially matter related to children, their health and well-being are miraculously answered. Shirdi receives many grateful parents who come to fulfil their vows and after their humble thanks. He lives and work through his devotees. The sai satcharitra written by Baba through his chosen instrument Shri dabholkar the writer, record several incidents of timely help to devotees far and near. The manner in which he manifest himself to Narasimhaswamy and later Sri Radhakrishnaswamy to spread his message throughout the country is more than miracle incidents. It is mate certainly his divine bidding. Mass worship to Baba Is made possible through the spate of beautiful temple dedicated to him. This reflects his divine intervention. It is amazing how Baba makes the move by which his devotees get connected and take the right direction to do his work. Baba undoubtedly becomes a spiritual legacy which is passed down from generation to generation.

Shirdi is situated in Rahat taluka of district Ahmadnagar in Maharashtra. It is around 184 Km away from Pune. The total area of Shirdi is around 13 Squre Km. Shirdi coordinates are 19.7645° N, 74.4762° E.

Pune To Shirdi

Pune to shirdi distance is 184Km, it takes around 4:15 to 4:30 hours to reach in Shirdi from pune. Various transport mediums are available for shirdi. Mumbai to Shirdi distance is 242 Km, it takes around 4:30 to 4:45 minutes from Mumbai.

1. Train : Three trains are available from Mumbai to Shirdi ie. i. Dr. Snsi Sup Fast. ii. Dr. Sainagar Express and iii. Shirdi Fast Passenger . From Pune following expresses are available i. Pune NZB Passenger ii. Maharashtra Express iii. Pune MMR Express. iv. Shirdi Fast Passenger, these regular trains are available.

2. Bus : Lots of private and public bus services are available from Pune and Mumbai to Shirdi.

3. Cab : Cab service can be a good choice for Shirdi, as average temperature of Nagar is 40 degree users can find it hotter than compared to other  cities. LonavalaCab is also providing Pune to shirdi cab. One can find it more comfortable secure and pocket friendly cab service.

4. Airplane : 38+ flights are available from Pune for Shirdi. One can find it from Pune International Airport and Mumbai Domestic airport.


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