12 Things You Should Avoid in Lonavala


Lonavala is a place of natural beauty. Every year, millions of people visits, to see and experience this mother nature’s creativity. In this Mountains of Sahyadri, peoples enjoys the weekends. Many famous points are the main attraction of Lonavala. Lonavala is a town in which every season gives peak performance. College students, Young couples and even old peoples are also can’t refuse to stay. But There are many things which some of the peoples are forgetting.
          Mother nature is neither good or bad, it depends upon the actions we take. It is same as newton’s law. It is same as newton’s law. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. In this way our behavior decides what we will see. Every year, many news of accidents takes front page space in newspapers. We feel too sad about such incidents.
         We know that we can’t change anyone’s mind, but it’s our strong will to tell you to avoid the things that many people had done in a wrong way and faced the bad incidents. We extracted the major reasons for all accidents. You can avoid many accidents just by avoiding the things mentioned in the video
Take care of yourself as well as your love ones by sharing this life saving information.
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