Reality check of wrong review #1

LonavalaCab is the most transparent cab service in Lonavala. We are saying this because we can challenge this. We are improving our systems and way of providing services every day to make a great user experience. Since 2018 we have updated the systems hundreds of times to meet user expectations. As a routine procedure and quality transparency, we provide the link to reviews and ratings at the end of the trip to the users. We can surely say that unlike others we provide each and every information about packages and services to the users from our website which is We always try to give something extra to our valuable clients, most of the customers appreciate it some people take disadvantage of our kindness. The same thing happened with us today.

Customer Name: Vinit Kumar

Review :

Everyone will definitely think that our service has some issues, but from now we are going to publish the reality. This is because many families are surviving on LonavalaCab. 

Let’s come to the topic, After completing the trip we sent a review link to the mentioned consumer and received the above review. We tried to contact them about the issues but he didn’t receive them. Then after communicating with the coordinator we realized what happened.

The above screenshot shows the package details of the consumer. Here one can clearly see that the pickup time is at 5 o clock morning (Mentioned by the consumer while booking), the package is Deluxe Sightseeing which of 6 hours. The driver contacted the consumer one day before the trip and suggested starting the trip at 5:30 so that the consumer will not face any visibility issues than consumer rescheduled to 5:15 and the driver picked them up at the mentioned time without any delay (We never delay the service in the early morning because it helps us to utilize the same cab twice a day, as we can arrange the same cab for another trip). According to the package, the trip must get ended at 11 o clock, but end at 1:30 o clock afternoon as the consumer spends most of the time at Khandala lake. According to the guidelines, extra hour charges are 200/hour according to the trip extra charges must be 500/- for 2 and half hours. The driver told the consumer, but the consumer denied paying. Then the driver requested him to pay but he only paid 150 for an extra hour.

Our policy is to pay an advance of small amount before the trip and remaining just after completion of the ride. One can see that consumers paid on 1:32 PM only 2050 which should be 2400 in an ethical way.


Even after providing service in the early morning, with extra hours and at a discounted rate, and changing the cab for the next consumer trip, we received this review.

We have to charge for extra hours because the driver is an employee and each employee must get the charges for their overtime.

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