Our Values


We have gained the trust of more than 6,000 customers since 2018. We commit that which we can complete, and we complete which we commit.


With 100% Transparency, we are developing a bond with our valuable customers. Nothing is hidden, everything is transparent for everyone.


Consistency is a most important thing for us, we are improving our services consistently since launching for a better user experience.


Proudly Lonavala’s first online cab service. The online business started in 2018, but the history is not that much small, it was started in 1986 by Hrushikesh’s (Founder) Father Mr. Ramchandra. Who was driving a rickshaw for sightseeing, He is the real motivation behind this organization. In 2018 it was again started with a single pre-used vehicle.

Why in 2018, there is also a story behind this when Hrushikesh’s friends came to Lonavala in the monsoon for sightseeing, after getting a local cab for sightseeing they faced horrible experiences like the rude behavior of drivers with wrong information and points. Nothing was cleared by communication and with too many heavy prices. After sightseeing Hrushikesh’s friends ended up with the worst day. When they meet Hrusikesh in the evening they told him everything and realized, the driver showed them all the wrong places. With this bad experience, Hrushikesh’s decided to complain to local authorities but he realized that it might be happening and happened with others also.

After lots of thinking Founder decided to start an online cab service with 100% transparency and trust, as the founder was a Software engineer he designed and launched his own cab service. As this was Lonavala’s first and own cab service, the name decided as LonavalaCab. The pure intention to start the online cab service is to maintain Lonavala’s image and empower the needy and loyal cab drivers. Like every business in India, the struggle started so early.

Like every business in India, the struggle started so early. There was not a single customer till 3 months from starting. After that, the real journey began with the first customer Mr. Patel. With transparency and competitive price and packages Lonavalacab started becoming the customer’s first choice. After a few months again problems started with local unions and politics. False news and rumors were get spread by competitors. After opposition from local politicians and unions, Lonavalacab came out with a new customer-oriented approach. In COVID-19 Lonavalacab also lost many loving people. Many people from the same business gave up by closing the business, but we decide to keep fighting.


In 2018 Lonavalacab received the award of Business Fighter for considering growth in adverse circumstances by Ace Speculum. Again in 2019, Lonavalacab received Business Champion Award for best performance. In 2019 Lonavalacab also got ISO certified for standard services.


We can proudly say that we are the pioneer of the Packaged base sightseeing service. As for customer needs, Lonavalacab was the first cab service that made different packages by considering customers’ needs. Before Lonavalacab the sightseeing was only considered as Lonavala and Khandala. The customer didn’t have a choice to make. With a variety of packages and ranges, customers can choose the sightseeing package.

Our Drivers

The main part of our service is our driver, We have chosen drivers with a minimum of 7 years of driving experience. Our driver verification process is quite different. No one can apply as a driver in Lonavalacab. We have a separate team to choose the drivers. Our team selects drivers with experience, without any criminal background, and soft nature. The main criterion is the driver should be living with the family. We choose the driver whose family and background are known to us.

Our Vehicles

Lonavalacab is completely focused on a better customer experience. For better customer experience, in just 2022 we have added 12 brand new vehicles to our inventory, and in 2023 we added 4 new vehicles. With transparency, loyalty, and customer trust Lonavalacab is now having 42 vehicles. The key to Lonavalacab’s success is transparency and trust. We have 11 types of vehicles. Swift, Dzire, Zest, Indica, Etios, WagonR, Ertiga, Xylo, Caren, Innova, Tavera.

The Website

Lonavalacab’s developer team is consistently working on the system to make it easier, user-friendly, and faster. Each month we update the system to meet customers’ needs and better user experience. You don’t have to get surprised if you will see a different website UI.

Meet Our Team

The Lonavalacab team is consistently working to give the best service to the customers, these are a few team members who takes 100% effort for better customer service.

Team Member

Sunil Matere

Head Coordinator
Team Member

Ramdas Nhalve

Head Coordinator
Team Member

Atul Ghardale

Assistant Head Coordinator

Happy Customers

With transparency and competitive pricing we have 5800+ happy customers, here are some of them who allowed us to be a part of their happiness.

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